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About US


 What do we believe in :
We firmly believe that the process of design should involve, motivate, inform and above all sell. With an in-depth insight into marketing, branding and design communication, we have been able to integrate these very selling principles into effective web design. Web design that looks good, feels good and yet which is not lost in abstractness. Itís a firm belief at Sea-Lion.biz design is communication. How good an organization, brand or for that matter a website is, depends greatly on the design program. It must speak to the target audience clearly, yet with great imagination to hold attention.

  Our strengths 
We are beyond just technical skills. We are a conceptual web design team, competent enough to compete with the best technical professionals.

  Design Solutions 

We excel in Design. Full stop. Please look at our portfolio to know why we can claim that. The web designers are graduates in commercial art with experience of multiple project execution. If you are looking high-impact web graphics and interfaces with perfect optimization to suit the web, look no further. Below is a short list of services we can do for you.

1) Web Graphics
2) Interface Designing
3) Website Re-design
4) Banner ad design
5) Flash Animations

  Web development solutions

Sea-lion.biz hosts a team of Web Developers/Programmers who excel in underlying Web Technologies, which bring dynamic content and real-time data to todayís new generation websites. We have successfully implemented web development projects using PHP and ASP. In addition, we have expertise in MySQL.

E-Commerce Solutions 

The buzzword today, Team Sea-Lion.biz has developed E-commerce applications with Shopping Cart, Credit Card Authorization and Secure Transactions with fast database handling capacity. The skill sets are best suited for B2B, B2C, portals, web enabling your systems and other web-based requirements.

Projects Executed 

Please view our portfolio

Areas of expertise, Experience or Skills

Web Authoring : FrontPage, Dreamweaver
Web Development : Interdev, Ultradev, Cold Fusion Studio
Web Graphics : Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Optimization: Image Ready, Fireworks,
Web Animation : Flash
Web Multimedia : Flash, Director, 
Web Video : Real Video, QuickTime, MPEG
Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, PHP, Java
Web Databases : My SQL,  Access Web/Application


The clientís goal 

Itís been a simple belief. You cannot further a clientís goal unless you believe in it. Thatís exactly why we begin the process with the thorough understanding of the clientsí need and then go on to offer a solution that stands out among the clutter and yet delivers.

As quick as you can turn around 

Amazing it may seem, but Sea-Lion. biz can create a content ready corporate website in 3 days. Turn around times doesnít get any quicker. Speed is of essence at Sea-Lion.biz. Speed of thought, speed of execution


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